Tanga Port

Tanga is the longest serving port in East Africa. It is a lighterage port with two shallow water berths. The visiting ocean going vessels are anchored at stream buoys being a maritime safety requirement. A 354-km highway links it to sister port Dar es Salaam in the South.

Location of the Port

Tanga port is situated on the northern coast of Tanzania. Close to the Kenyan border. Port limits extend from Lat 05 degree 00 5.8 long 039 degree 09.5’E to the meridian of Long 39 degree 15’E, thence 180 degree to the parallel of Lat 05’S, and thence 270 degree to the mainland.

For more detailed information, please  go to contact:

The Port Master,
Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA),
Bandari House,
P.O Box 443,

Tel. +255 (27) 2643078
Fax +255 (27) 2642360

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Website: www.ports.go.tz