In order to promote safety and health within the Port areas it requires high discipline of all Port users. The following are the guidelines that shall be followed by obedience for safety purposes:


All employees who will be working during the operations of handling vehicle and other cargoes must be well informed or trained and know how to work in the port areas, so that he/she can be able to prevent/protect himself against incidents/accidents.
Use appropriate and Safe Gears like Reflectors Vests, safety Boots/shoes, Helmets and overall while working at the Port areas, therefore employee must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) all the time when they are in the port areas. Failure to do so will be against Tanzania Ports Authority Safety regulations, and will not be allowed to work in Port.


Obey the TPA Safety and health policy, regulation in order to improve your safety and health.
Don’t exceed 20km per hour while driving within the Port area, the Port is an Industrial and heavy machine are always on duty, so over speeding can cause accident.


You are not allowed to park on the rail ways and in so doing the risk is at yourself and property.
Don’t block any road within the Port area in order to allow Emergency Fire Engine to go through while attending Emergency calls.


The intention of fueling motor vehicle shall be reported to the Port Manager and Fire and Safety Department. When arranging the operation for a day, the quantity of fuel expected to be used must be shown in the application letter to the Port Fire and Safety Department.
Fueling areas must be at the open places, fire of evasive head, and we advise appropriate fueling equipment like (fuel filling nozzles) and make sure that there is no fuel spillage on the ground due to vehicle refueling process.
Make sure that refueling areas are not spilled. In case the area is spilled you must clean it. If the area is spilled and you did not clean it, TPA regulations will be applied to penalty you.
Make sure that the canisters used to carry fuel from the tanker to the vehicles are right designated ones as per fuel type, e.g. diesel or petrol. Any mixing between petrol and diesel or vice versa, this will lead to an engine fuel system failure, which is very expensive and some longtime repair.
Turn off the Engine while refueling, smoking is not allowed within the Port area employee should be informed on this matter.
Separate all Vehicles carrying fueling containers from other motor vehicles and Separate all fuel containers from sparks emission (eg. batteries). When driving a car and find that, your car has got Fire please don’t enter any car yard or mix with others to avoid spreading of Fire to other cars.


Use appropriate fire extinguisher and make sure that the firefighting equipment is at the place where refueling is done, to easy reach in case the Fire occurs at the said location. The fire extinguishers must be DRY CHEMICAL POWDER, CARBON DIOXIDE or FOAM ONLY. Fire and Safety Department will assign the Fire fighter to be standby during the operation.


If you find that the car is on fire try to extinguish it by using the available firefighting equipment and call at Fire and Safety Station for more assistance Tel No. +255 2116287/0755 195896 or Extension 1002955/2955 or contact your supervisor or security through your radio call who will report the incidence/accident to Fire and Safety personnel.
Inform the fire station if the fire erupts and keep on shouting fire, fire, fire for assistance.


Every employee should observe the safety signs allocated in different locations in the port areas. For example slippery sign, railway crossing, etc. Noncompliance to this can cause an accident/incident which will fall under TPA regulations and disciplinary actions will be taken.