Lake Nyasa Ports

The major ports in Lake Nyasa are Mbamba Bay and Itungi/Kiwira. Kiwira Port has been established as cargo terminal. It has a jetty and temporary Ramp. The Kiwira Port is equipped with handling machines like mobile crane, fork lifts and grabs. The Port currently receives various vessels from Malawi which loads export traffic of Clinker. Kiwira Port is a home port for two cargo barges, MV RUVUMA and MV NJOMBE which are owned by TPA.

Development programmes

  • One multipurpose (passengers/cargo) vessel is expected to be launched at the end of this year.
  • Procurement of two wheel loaders, two weigh bridges are under way.

Port Facilities

Traffic forecast up to 2028

  • Estimated at 10,000 tons for Itungi
  • Estimated at 150,000 tons for Kiwira
  • Estimated at 100,000 tons for Ndumbi
  • Estimated at 50,000 for Mbamba bay


  • Two cargo barges with value of 10.2 billion
  • One mobile crane
  • One dredger for depth management
  • Two forklifts

Projects Being Implemented

  • Upgrading of Itungi Port
  • Development of passenger/cargo handling facilities at Kiwira point
  • Upgrading of Mbamba Bay
  • Development of Ndumbi Port
  • Development of passenger jetties at various calling points

Other Ports in Lake Nyasa



Mbamba Bay Port has a jetty suitable for light cargo. The port is to be expanded to save an upraising demand especially after the building of new vessels, also the development of Mtwara Corridor. Land acquisition process is in progress aiming to acquire 128 acres which will allow construction of berths and other port facilities.

Upgrading of Mbamba Bay

  • Development of Dry Bulk Terminal
  • Development of 2No. Break Bulk Terminal
  • Procurement of 1No. Mobile Crane



Ndumbi Port is undertaking several major projects including jetty and ramp construction. The procurement of wheel loader to expedite loading of coal cargo is underway. Ndumbi Port happens to be very important fork point, strategically aimed to save the transportation of coal to Kiwira Port and Malawian ports like Monkey Bay and Chipoka.

Upgrading of Ndumbi Port

  • Development of 2No. berths (120 meters total)
  • Procurement of 2No. mobile cranes



Itungi Port is targeted to be the Passenger Terminal which will also handle light cargoes. The Port has a berth with 70 metres and is the head office of Lake Nyasa ports. It is facing the siltation problem but the controlling mechanism seems to succeed. The Port has a dredging machine which enabled to increase water depth in the entrance channel and at the quay side.

Upgrading of Itungi Port

  • Development of 2No. berths (120 meters total)
  • Procurement of 2No. mobile cranes


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